Homeownership Auto Discount

Homeownership Auto Discount

Homeownership Auto Discount Saves You Money

In some states, just owning a home can save you money on your auto insurance policy. It turns out that many insurance companies believe that owning a home is a great indicator of fiscal responsibility. Apparently willingness to mow a lawn or maintain a driveway proves you are a safe drive.

The discounts can amount to as much as 10% off your auto premium

Besides the auto discount, you may also qualify for up to a 20% multi-policy discount (if you place your homeowner coverage with the same carrier) on both the auto and home policies.

Besides the discount, it can be advantageous to have all your insurance with the same company to eliminate duplicate coverage issues and have one deductible (with some companies).

Talk with your local insurance agent to discuss all the discounts that are available because of homeownership. Keep in mind that some discounts are available for renters too.

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