Insurance Premium Discounts For Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Insurance Premium Discounts For Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Question: Is there insurance premium discounts for anti-lock brakes (ABS)?

Answer: Yes.  Many insurance carriers offer a 5 to 10% discount for vehicles equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS).

Many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes. Discounts typically range from 5 to 10%.  Anti-lock brakes help by shortening your stopping distance and by making it less likely that you lose control of your vehicle during braking.  Vehicles equipped with ABS have been shown to have lower accident rates and lower fatality rates.  (NHTSA Report)

Question: What are the benefits of Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)?

Answer: Anti-Lock Brakes generally deliver shorter stopping distances on dry and wet pavement. ABS has proven to be very helpful for drivers trying to stop quickly in wet or dry conditions. ABS also makes it less likely that you lose control of your vehicle during braking in such conditions. A vehicle that has all four wheels locked (skidding) during braking can’t be steered.  ABS provides some ability to maneuver the vehicle during braking, and you will want to keep the wheels turned in the direction that you wish to travel.

Question: Are there disadvantages to having Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)?

Answer: Yes.  Research shows that anti-lock brakes can actually significantly increase your stopping distances on gravel roads.  They may also Increase stopping distances in certain types of snowy conditions. However, the ABS still makes it less likely that you lose control while braking in such conditions.   (NHTSA Report)

As anti-lock brakes have been shown to reduce accident frequency, many insurance companies offer discounts on vehicles equipped ABS.  However, just like many other auto discounts, you may need to ask your insurance agent or insurance company for the discount.  They may not know that you have anti-lock brakes on your vehicle.

Other common safety features that may qualify you for auto insurance discounts include:

  • Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Airbags
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Lane Departure Warning Systems

When shopping for your insurance, it is important that you ask your insurance agent or company about the myriad of other discounts for which you may qualify.  Failing to take advantage of all the discounts which you may qualify for could cost you hundreds of dollars each year.  For a good list of potential discounts to discuss with your agent or insurer, see the additional articles below.

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