Affinity Group Auto Discount

Affinity Group Auto Insurance Discount

Who You Associate With Can Mean the Availability of an Affinity Group Auto Discount.

Insurance companies are always looking for a way to grab a competitive edge over another insurance company by identifying risk characteristics associated with a group that predict favorable loss outcomes. One of the more commonly used techniques is by attracting members of a particular group of citizens that appear to exhibit desirable insurance traits.

For instance, senior citizens are normally portrayed as a conservative group of individuals, who have better than average loss characteristics. By targeting groups that represent that senior demographic with discounts that are tied to membership in clubs or groups, insured hope to capture a share of that business.

Clubs like the “AAA” or the “NRA” along with trade associations like Teachers Unions or Law Enforcement Groups and even service clubs like the “Elks” and the “Eagles” are affinity groups that represent desirable traits that insurance companies are willing to reward with targeted discounts.

The discounts offered may be off the entire policy or selected coverages.

Your local insurance agent can provide you with information on particular companies and the discounts that they have available. Another great source is trade magazines or group newsletters that list companies that offer special saving to their members


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