California Home Insurance

California has the largest population in the country with over 37 million inhabitants (2010), and the State’s biggest city is Los Angeles (2010).  There are close to 12.4 million households in California (2010), and the average household size is around three people (2010).  Residents of California want to ensure that in case of fire, theft, vandalism or other damage, their house and belongings are protected.

In California, 84% of residents have lived in their house for one year or more (2010), and of all residences in the State, more than 57% are owner-occupied (2010).  The median year that housing structures were built in California is 1970 (2000), and 17% were built before 1950.  Whether they live in a bungalow in Stockton, a condominium in Chula Vista, or a Spanish villa style house in Monterey, California homeowners should make sure they have reliable home insurance in place.


Dates in History (According to National Fire Protection Association)

Thomas Hotel fire kills 20, San Francisco, 1961

Earthquake fire kills 315, San Francisco, 1906

All Hallows Church Parish Hall fire kills 17, San Francisco, 1964

Civil Disturbances fires, Los Angeles, 1992

Two Munitions Ships Collide killing 322, Port Chicago, 1944

USS Bennington boiler explosion kills 60, San Diego, 1905

Forest fire, Santa Barbara County, 1990

Forest fire kills 15 firefighters, Mendocino Natl Forest, 1953

Ponet Square Hotel fire kills 19, Los Angeles, 1970

Stratford Apt. House fire kills 25, Los Angeles, 1973

Oles Inc. Hardware store fire kills 4, South Pasadena, 1984

Wildland fire, San Bernadino, 2003

Laguna forest fire, 1993


In 2013 there were 11 fire deaths per million in the United States.

In 2013 there were 6 fire deaths per million in California.


In 2014, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council 16.8% of the State’s residents lived in apartments compared to a national figure of 12.2.

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