Commercial Insurance for Churches, Synagogues and other Religious Organizations

Church InsuranceCommercial insurance for churches, synagogues and other religious organizations protect the facilities, along with their finances and property.  In case of storm damage, an accident on the premises, or theft of someone’s belongings, it is important for religious organizations to have reliable commercial insurance in place.  A local independent insurance agent, familiar with the concerns of religious organizations in choosing business insurance coverage, will guide them through the process of selecting a policy.

Depending on the terms of a particular policy, churches and other religious institutions can purchase commercial insurance that covers their property and its fixtures.  They may also want coverage for furniture and other items, along with legal liability coverage in case of a loss.  Because of all of the activities that they facilitate for their members, many may want coverage for the personal property of others.  Some religious organizations may purchase builders risk coverage, in case they decide to add-on or remodel, or equipment breakdown protection, in the event a boiler or furnace in the facilities stops working.  An independent insurance agent will review the options for commercial insurance that are available and recommend the right policy.

By connecting with a local independent insurance agent, religious organizations will receive personalized assistance in supplementing existing insurance coverage, or buying a policy for the first time.  They can get answers to their questions about insuring their institution, and purchase a commercial insurance policy to keep their religious establishment, and its property and assets, secure.

Commercial Insurance for Churches

Religious Organization InsuranceChurches, like other religious organizations, provide a haven for many. Activities in or around churches provide exposure to risk just like any other business. Members of a church parish could be injured on the premises or the church could suffer structural damage as a result of a storm, or vandalism. Church property, like hymnals, chalices, or statues could be stolen, or a fire could rage through the sacristy. Church leaders know that their organizations are subject to these and other risks every day, which is why they should maintain quality commercial insurance coverage.

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Insurance for Church Buildings

Churches range from towering gothic edifices, to modern one-story structures, to traditional brick or stone buildings. Whether their parish is housed in a Romanesque abbey-style cathedral, a Renaissance basilica, or a colonial chapel, church officials should make sure that their church building is properly protected. Building insurance for a church typically covers the building structure itself, along with any fixtures inside and outside the building, and equipment or machinery permanently installed in a church. Cooking, cleaning, refrigeration, cooling and other equipment used to service a church building may also be covered under a policy, depending on its terms.

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Commercial Liability Insurance for Churches

Historically, churches were often granted immunity against claims. Today, with developments in legal doctrine and social priorities, churches face increased potential to be held legally or financially responsible for harm related to their practices. To safeguard their church, and its property and finances, in case of a claim, church leaders need to purchase reliable business insurance.

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Commercial Insurance for Parochial Schools

Parochial schools are typically operated by a church parish and provide both a religious and conventional education to students. Whether they are still operated by priests and nuns, or if their teachers employ a modern spirituality-based curriculum, parochial schools can unexpectedly become subject to legal or financial liability. If a child is severely injured in the course of a school day, or a school operated van backs into a parent’s car, or if a hailstorm hits and destroys school property, a parochial school can face the costs of defending against a claim for damages, or the expenses of making repairs to its building. To safeguard school property, operations, and finances, a licensed independent business insurance agent can assist parochial school directors in purchasing quality commercial insurance coverage.

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