Personal Injury Liability Insurance

Personal Injury Liability Insurance

There are many risks involved in owning and operating your own business. The greatest is the financial responsibility you have. There are many different things that can cause bankruptcy that have nothing to do with the competency or business sense of the owner. A lawsuit could ruin a promising business in a short amount of time. Business insurance is a necessity in a world where litigation is becoming more and more common. Business owners can find that there are many different kinds of insurance they can purchase that will both protect and support them during times of litigation or accidents. Personal injury liability insurance is an investment in the protection of your company and should be taken advantage of.

A business owner should understand that it is sometimes necessary to purchase different kinds of business liability insurance because one policy simply won’t be enough to really protect you. There is general liability insurance that is an umbrella policy for most common liability matters, but it won’t be in-depth most coverage. There is also professional liability insurance which protects against malpractice, errors, negligence and omissions. Professional liability insurance is legally required by most states for a variety of different kinds of businesses. Product liability insurance is generally only for businesses that manufacture physical products but it can also cover advice in the form a product that the business offers to their clients.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

The different types of business insurance overlap, but it is important to fill our your portfolio so that you can have the full amount of coverage needed to be successful. Commercial General Liability insurance is a basic form of coverage that covers a lot of different areas. Every company should have some form of this insurance. Especially if you give professional advice or product to a consumer. It generally covers most types of personal injury. If a claim is made against a business because of the personal injury of a third party while they are on your business’ premises or if they are acting in conjunction with your business than the Commercial General liability coverage kicks in to protect your assets.

Commercial General Liability also covers bodily, property damage, and advertising claims. These could pop up in the form of a lawsuit citing false advertising for a specific product. With the help of your insurance agent, the cost of the lawsuit can be reduced or even completely covered under your policy. As a business owner you can understand the need to protect your assets from a costly lawsuit. There is little room in a small business budget to pay for legal fees and time spent away from the office dealing with the case. It can also help pay for compensatory damages, nonmonetary losses, or punitive damages. Even in the event that you are a tenant, this policy can protect against liability if you cause damage to the rented space. It covers a broad spectrum of potential costs associated with running a business.

It is recommended for most small businesses that deal in advice and recommendations to get Commercial General Liability so that they are covered in the event their advice does not have the intended effect. This is sometimes called professional injury coverage. It covers different damages like bodily, property damage, and advertising. They need to have insurance so that they can give that advice and services without fear of repercussions from matters that are sometimes out of their control. This insurance will cover the legal fees from any argument or accusation that a potential client brings. Professional injury is considered a different type of insurance than personal injury and therefore needs its own insurance policy and protection.

Personal Injury Liability

Personal injury liability is a type of insurance that most small businesses should have in order to be financially secure. It provides coverage for injuries to third parties cause by the insured. It is designed to protect policyholders from lawsuits that could bankrupt their company. The protection is targeted specifically for issues like defamation, libel, or slander cases. It provides help with legal fees and with the help of knowledgeable insurance agent you can go through the process breathing a little easier.

Business owners have realized the benefit of personal injury liability insurance because they are protected in the event of a costly, disastrous occurrence. Most policies protect against lawsuits that involved false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, and malicious prosecution. Some businesses that deal with clients on a regular basis purchase the insurance because they know that the clients they regularly see have a higher risk of injury or libel. Business owners know that client relationships are important, but the success of their business relies on staying financially solvent and secure. The purchase of personal injury liability insurance is a great way to provide stability for the unknown future.

There are many different types of personal injury liability insurance policies. As a business owner it is important to find the policy that reflects the type of business you have. The policy should protect your business from what is most likely to occur. A comprehensive plan that covers every possible personal injury claim would be expensive. There are opportunities to tailor a policy to cover exactly what your business needs. If you own a consulting firm, it makes sense to have personal injury liability insurance that protects against lawsuits for faulty advice. There are certain personal injury liability insurance policies that are tied to professional liability insurance policies as well. This could protect your business in the event a disgruntled employee reveals sensitive information about a client. It protects you from a violation of privacy agreements that is out of your control because it comes from a former employee.

Insurance works on the basis that you will need help at least once in the lifetime of a policy and the potential cost of that assistance determines your premium payments. Personal injury liability assumes that a big lawsuit will be filed against the insured party. This assumption can be unnecessary in most cases, but the fact that it is there as support allows you to make decisions with the best interest of your client in mind, rather than always trying to avoid potential lawsuits or controversy. Besides the premium payments, there are usually deductibles involved in accessing the help of your personal injury insurance policy. The deductible is not large in most cases, especially if your premium payments were above average in size. Then your policy will assist in the cost of lawyers or settlements if necessary. The financial security of this policy helps secure a more certain future for your business.

The likelihood of needing personal injury protection is dependent on the type of business and location of your business. In certain states businesses are held to a higher standard in terms of providing a safe environment for their clients. There are regulations for having anti-slip precautions, as an example of a minimum requirement. Many other states hold the owner of a business liable for predictable danger, such as a continued risk of robbery if your business is located in a neighborhood prone to break-ins. Most states and courts will not hold a business responsible for the acts of a third party, but there are precautions most businesses should take for expected issues that have a history of happening. These are categorized under the title o predictable danger. The legal obligation to pay and the amount owed depends on the fault or wrongdoing and can change from situation to situation. This is why personal injury insurance is important because there is no way to budget for a lawsuit because the amount that you will spend protecting your business in settlement fees or lawyer fees is unpredictable.

A situation in which the business would be responsible for the injury of a client would be when someone either acted in a negligent fashion or intentionally acted wrongfully. Even in the case of a personal injury due to a product, this can lead to a potential lawsuit. Product liability is a special type of insurance that should be purchased by business owners that deal specifically with manufacturing. Those businesses are also liable for the acts of their employees. While someone is being employed by you and on the clock they are your responsibility as employer. They must act in an appropriate fashion with the care a situation deserves. As an individual owning a business it is especially important to have personal injury liability insurance because you can be sued personally for anything that might happen. Because the business is not a corporation you are legally responsible for the actions of your employees and for the product your company provides.

An insurance company has a variety of ways to assess the cost of an insurance policy and premium payments, especially for personal injury liability insurance because it is so dependent on a specific situation. The cost of a policy is based on an assessment of the business’ liability risks. Production of certain products increases that risk. Employing a certain number of people also raises the risk of liability. A business that only employs three people has a smaller chance of accruing any lawsuits due to employee negligence, therefore their insurance costs may be lower. Again, the cost of any specific policy is dependent on that specific business and its operating policies. Deductibles are usually necessary for most policies. There is also the disappointing fact that insurance won’t always cover every cost associated with personal injury liability. You can buy a standard policy that will protect you to an extent, but sometimes the legal fees reach the limit of the policy and it is not financially possible to continue receiving help from the insurance company.

The decision to purchase insurance falls on the shoulders of the business owner. 78% of all businesses are structured as a sole proprietorship or as a partnership. This means that most decisions are up to one or two people. They need to decide to what extent they need protection because in the end they are the ones at risk in a liability lawsuit. Personal injury liability insurance protects the personal life of business owners as well. They put their personal finances at risk when they invest their money and put their name on a business. As a business owner you have personal liability for your business if you sign personal guarantees for loans, personally injure someone, or if you act in an irresponsible or illegal manner, and finally if you do not operate your business as a separate entity apart from your personal finances. You open your life up to lawsuits and financial responsibility when you start your own business. Without the protection of business liability insurance you risk your family’s wellbeing and financial security. With personal injury liability it becomes easier to afford to pay for that lawsuit, and you also receive guidance from your insurance agent for questions about the case. It is primarily used for business purposes but ultimately it is a good investment because of the financial protection you earn with the purchase.

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