Long-Term Care Nursing Liability Insurance

Long-Term Care Nursing Liability Insurance

A hit and run car accident, slip and fall on ice, or chronic illness can leave people in need of extended care or treatment at a specialized facility. Long-term care facilities provide the kind of extended care that these and other patients, typically known as residents, need. These organizations themselves, however, also need to make sure that they are protected, and that staff members are covered in case of a claim. They can do this by purchasing a long-term care nursing liability insurance policy with general and professional liability coverage.

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In working at a long-term care nursing facility, staff members, and especially nurses, perform various tasks, from helping residents get to and from physical therapy or medical appointments, to administering medications, to providing information and support to concerned family members. Most staff members are respected and appreciated by residents of these facilities, but in developing professional relationships with patients and their loved ones, providing nursing care, and dealing with medical records, workers are subjected to many risks that could lead to a personal liability claim or lawsuit against them, individually, and their long-term care nursing facility employer. Because of this, these organizations need to have commercial insurance with liability coverage. An experienced independent insurance professional can guide them in selecting a new policy, or evaluating their current business insurance.

Long-Term Care Facility InsuranceLong-term care nursing facilities are places where staff help give residents showers, handle their personal effects while helping them set up or organize their room, and engage in small talk while making up a bed, or bringing in a meal. Likewise, nurses and other workers may serve as an emotional outlet for distressed members of residents’ families, help residents shop or pay bills, or deal with patients with Alzheimer’s, AIDS, or multiple sclerosis. In any situation where a nurse, speech or occupational therapist, patient aide, or other staff member is alone with a resident, assisting them with a personal task, or providing professional services, they are exposed to the potential for allegations of physical or sexual abuse, fraud, misrepresentation, or other misconduct. To make sure that court expenses and defense costs are covered in case a resident or her loved ones brings a lawsuit, long-term care nursing facilities should make sure that they have the appropriate liability coverage for their business, and its employees.

In meeting with administrators of long-term care nursing facilities, an independent insurance agent will probably want to know whether the business has ever previously been named as a defendant in a civil or criminal lawsuit, or if it has had a loss, or claim in the past five years. If so, he will want to know the amount of any loss, damages award, or legal settlement. He will also ask if a long-term care nursing facility has ever been dropped by a prior insurance carrier for any reason besides that the company stopped writing that line of business, and he will want to know if the organization has plans to expand and take in more residents, or decrease the scope of its operations anytime soon.

An independent insurance agent will inquire about any machinery or equipment stored or operated on site, and he will probably ask about the current occupancy and occupancy limits in a long-term care nursing facility, and whether the business owns or leases any vehicles used for transportation of residents. Knowing these and other factors will help an independent insurance agent evaluate the commercial insurance needs, and specifically, the liability coverage requirements, of a long-term care nursing facility, so that he can recommend the right policy.

An independent insurance agent will work with directors or private owners of long-term care nursing facilities. Having assisted other clients in the healthcare and nursing home industries, he is familiar with the primary risk factors that affect these and similar organizations, and he will guide owners and administrators in selecting a commercial insurance policy with sufficient coverage in case a resident makes allegations that could lead to general or professional liability of a facility, or a director, officer, or member of its staff.

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