Crop-Hail and Multi-Peril Insurance Coverage

Farmers and ranchers may raise livestock, or grow large quantities of barley, wheat, corn, or soybeans. Whether they operate on a small scale as an organic enterprise, as a contractor for a wholesale grocery store, or for a multinational corporation, they need to have dependable multi-peril insurance coverage (MPCI) and crop-hail insurance coverage.

Crop, Hail and Multi-Peril Insurance

In case of an animal or insect infestation, or damaging weather conditions like a late-season freeze, drought, hail, or flood, in order to maximize profitability for their business and recover after a disappointing annual yield, they need quality crop insurance coverage. An experienced independent insurance agent will assist farmers and ranchers in selecting a policy that fits their operation’s needs.

The process of choosing crop insurance, and particularly MPCI and crop-hail insurance, can be confusing. There are numerous options for crop-hail, and multi-peril insurance coverage, and policies are offered by many different insurance companies. To help farmers and ranchers sort through the various kinds of commercial crop insurance available for purchase, and select a policy that affords the proper protection for their products and business, they should reach out to a local independent insurance agent. A seasoned independent insurance agent, familiar with the concerns of local crop producers when it comes to securing crop insurance coverage, will guide them in finding a policy that is right for their business.

Damaged Crop Insurance

In the course of working with a licensed independent insurance agent, farmers and ranchers should expect that the agent will want to meet with them to discuss specific information about their farming business. She will probably request to visit their farm, or ranch. In evaluating the MPCI and crop-hail insurance requirements of a particular farm, an independent commercial insurance agent will also want to discuss the various crops grown by a business, and the average annual gross production of a farm.

Farmers and ranchers can anticipate that a local independent business insurance agent will ask about whether they raise livestock, and if so, if they need a livestock insurance policy. She may also discuss how crop insurance reporting works, and how farmers can use computer software to map out their crop production areas for reporting purpose. An independent insurance professional will discuss the risk exposures unique to a particular crop farming operation, and she will help farmers and ranchers consider how to best manage those risks through MPCI and crop-hail insurance coverage.

Even though many crops grow only during one or two seasons of the year, a local independent insurance agent will serve as a valuable resource for farmers and ranchers on an ongoing basis. She will be available year-round to discuss questions about MPCI and crop-hail insurance coverage, and she can assist business owners in supplementing their existing crop insurance, or buying a new policy at any time.

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