Concrete Contractor Insurance

Concrete Contractor InsuranceConcrete products include coatings, dyes, stains, and overlays, and concrete can be used for things like floors, sidewalks, engraved monuments, and sculptures. Masons, contractors, and construction workers are just some of the many professionals in various industries who work with concrete. For small and large business operations, contractors, and municipalities working on developing property, fixing up walkways, or other building or remodeling projects, concrete can be one of the most important materials to have on hand. Whether they are working with polishing products, tools for texturizing, or resurfacing materials, businesses that use various kinds of concrete products need to have concrete contractor insurance.

Concrete manufacturers and wholesalers, like businesses and contractors that purchase and use concrete products, also need concrete product insurance coverage. Whether they buy or sell concrete materials, an independent insurance agent can guide business owners and contractors in selecting a new policy, or adding on coverage to their current commercial insurance. He will arrange to meet with them to discuss their coverage needs and guide them in choosing the appropriate policy.

An independent insurance agent will want to know how concrete products are being used by a particular business or contractor. He will inquire about whether companies utilize these products in constructing or repairing home or commercial building foundations, developing floor coatings or toppings, or as pavement for paths or driveways. He will probably ask about any kind of concrete sealer used by a business, and may want to know whether they perform any concrete curing operations in the course of their operations.

Cement Contractor InsuranceIn working with an independent insurance agent, those in need of concrete products insurance will find that he will want to know whether their business owns a concrete mixer or mixing truck. If a company or contractor owns one or more trucks, he will likely suggest that they buy commercial auto insurance in addition to their concrete product insurance and other coverage purchased in their commercial insurance policy. For businesses, he will also ask about employees that work for the organization, and will probably discuss the importance of having workers’ compensation insurance for workers using concrete materials.

To evaluate the right coverage for a particular business or contractor looking to buy concrete products insurance, an independent insurance agent will want to know whether they have ever been cancelled by an insurance company for any reason besides that the insurer stopped writing that kind of coverage. He might also ask about the volume of concrete products that they typically have on hand, and whether they conduct business in another state, or country, in which case he might recommend that they also look into inland marine insurance coverage.

Concrete may come in the form of castings, grease traps, or oil pumping unit bases, but each kind of concrete product carriers with it the potential to cause harm or damage to a person or business. If a concrete product breaks while it is being used, or is stolen, damaged, or vandalized while being installed or transported, this could lead to financial and legal consequences for a manufacturer, contractor, or business. This is why anyone working with, or buying or selling, concrete needs to have adequate concrete product insurance coverage.

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