Computer Repair Insurance for Maintenance and Service Companies

Computer Repair Insurance

At some point, almost every business or home owner has called a computer repair technician for assistance with programming issues, a malfunctioning database, or a problematic hard drive. Technicians and consultants who provide maintenance and other services to keep computers and their components up and running are often lifesavers when important files, programs, or other digitized information is on the line, at risk of being lost or succumbing to a virus. Because they work with other professionals, and individuals, and provide specialized services, those who work in the computer maintenance and repair field need to have computer repair insurance coverage for their business, whether they are an independent contractor, or operate a company.

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Computer Repair Insurance

They may perform diagnostics, tune-ups, and other basic assessments, virus clean-up, or large-scale network installation or repair, but whatever services they provide, computer maintenance and repair businesses and their employees are themselves at risk. They handle what is often confidential, or at least private, information for their corporate and personal customers, and are often charged with tasks like restoring a failing database to working order, fixing an important company laptop, or recovering a significant number of lost data files. In the event a computer service contractor or employee accidentally loses a client’s cyber information, or otherwise make a mistake on the job, they will need business insurance coverage that they can rely on in case of a lawsuit or claim.

A professional independent insurance agent will work with computer maintenance and repair technician contractors and business owners to secure a commercial insurance policy suited to their operations. That way, if they inadvertently cause a problem with software when installing upgrades, dismantle a computer, but misplace a client’s memory card, or have a break-in at their shop and lose a number of customers’ computers in the store for repair, they can look to their business insurance policy for coverage. Owning your own repair shop can be expensive: specialized tools, spare parts, refurbished computers for sale to customers. A loss would have a great impact on the effectiveness of your business. With insurance, computer maintenance and service companies’ operations can continue, and they can have financial recourse while they deal with the claims process.

If a computer maintenance and repair business owner wants to buy a new commercial insurance policy, or add on to existing coverage, an independent commercial insurance agent will probably discuss the basics that go along with purchasing a policy. She will describe how computer service providers should make sure that they have commercial general liability (CGL) insurance coverage, along with insurance for professional liability and errors and omissions, and cyber liability insurance, which can cover them in case of a breach of customers’ data, or a loss of digital information. She will also discuss workers’ compensation insurance coverage for business owners who have hired employees, and she might recommend that they buy excess liability, or umbrella insurance coverage in case a claim or loss exceeds the limits provided under their standard commercial insurance policy. She will answer any questions that computer services business owners have about their new, or current coverage.

In case a technician faces of a claim of negligence, breach of contract, or misrepresentation in the course of providing computer services, having computer repair insurance coverage can mean that he and his business can avoid certain legal and financial repercussions. If a claim arises, these businesses owners can look to an independent insurance agent to help him figure out the next steps, and assess things like the coverage in their policy for legal defense and court costs. With a commercial insurance policy purchased through a trusted independent insurance agent, contractors and other professionals in the computer maintenance, repair, and services industry know that just like they keep clients’ computers protected from things like viruses and hackers, they have the right coverage to keep their own business secure.

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