Commercial Trucking and Courier Service (No Air) Insurance

Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial trucking and courier service companies know what it is like to cover a lot of ground. Whether they are making a delivery to a wholesale retailer in Tennessee, bringing goods from Maine to New York, or transporting documents from one business to the next in Texas, they should have a reliable commercial trucking and courier service (no air) insurance policy in place.

Courier Service Insurance

There are over a million trucking companies in the U.S. and each has had to deal with the difficult process of choosing commercial courier service insurance. There are many options available for coverage, and companies can purchase their insurance through small businesses or nationwide insurers. Although the task is daunting, it does not have to be an overwhelming one for commercial trucking and courier service companies. It is important for these businesses to protect their structure and company property, and by reaching out to a local independent insurance agent, they will receive the kind of personalized service and attention to detail that does not exist elsewhere.

What insurance you will buy depends on what you need coverage for. In a commercial trucking company there are many different kinds of trucks that can be utilized. Companies provide insurance for box trucks, semis, flatbeds, front loaders, garbage trucks, pickups, tank trucks, tractors, dump trucks, auto hauler trailers, and flatbed trailers. All of these carry a specific set of risks that need the coverage an insurance policy can provide. Independent insurance agents can help find the right policy for the vehicles in your fleet of commercial trucking and courier service.

There are several specific types of insurance that can be associated with commercial trucking companies including owner operator, motor carrier and private carrier insurance. Owner operator insurance is for those small business owners who need protection for their vehicles when working for yourself or if you are an independent driver that is leased to a larger outfit. This can help keep you financially secure and avoid any huge penalties that could result in a bankruptcy. This covers an injury or property damage that you might be responsible for while on the job. There are other options that you should look at for additional protection but the most basic package will include general liability coverage.

Motor carrier insurance is designed for businesses that use for-hire truckers on a temporary basis. This includes bodily injury insurance and property damage protection. There are a few other policies that would be useful such as medical payments insurance in the case of injury to you or any passengers that are in the care during an accident. You can also get motor cargo insurance that will pay for any damage to cargo that you are transporting. Sometimes there are distance limits to the coverage, allowing for superior coverage in a certain radius for those local and regional trucking companies that need it.

Private Carrier Insurance

Private carrier insurance is another option that provides support for commercial trucking ventures. Private carriers are generally responsible for transporting goods for your employer. For these specific drivers it is suggested that they get a policy that includes liability coverage, medical payments coverage, and physical damage protection. These different options can be lumped together in a policy called a private carrier insurance policy. It is important that your company gets the coverage that is necessary to completely protect your interests.

With the assistance of an independent insurance agent, commercial trucking and courier service companies from anywhere in the country can choose a policy that fits their own company’s needs. An independent insurance agent will make it a point to discuss matters like how their business operates, the location of their facilities, and the organization of their company. Having reviewed the business structure and determined the insurance needs of commercial trucking and courier service companies, an agent will help them purchase a custom policy that affords security and dependability, whether they are working at headquarters, or hitting the road.

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