Commercial Printing Insurance

Commercial Paper ManufacturingWhile working on a color press machine, going over a large order with a customer, or sending out direct mailings for another local business, commercial printing companies and their employees could easily make a mistake that could end up costing them a great deal of time and money – especially if a lawsuit ensues. Misprinting another organization’s address or slogan, shipping too many or too few posters or flyers to a client, or sustaining storm damage to their storefront could all lead to financial loss, or a claim for a printing company. This is why it is important for these businesses to have commercial printing insurance coverage through an independent insurance agent who specializes in business insurance.

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An independent insurance agent in the area has worked with business owners in the commercial printing and publishing industries in the past and will be able to help owners make sure that they have the right policy in place for their unique operation. An independent agent can assist them in choosing a new policy out of options available from numerous insurance providers, or guide them in adding on a policy, or additional coverage to their current insurance. Whatever their commercial printing insurance needs, an independent business insurance agent can answer business owners’ questions, and help them secure adequate coverage.

Those who own a commercial printing company will learn that their local independent insurance agent knows about what goes on behind the scenes of their business. He is familiar with some of the printing equipment typically used in the industry, and will be able to discuss operations without requiring an explanation of every detail. He will ask about the machinery owned or leased by a printing business owner, so that he understands which items require coverage, and he will inquire whether employees operate these pieces of equipment. He may also want to know things like how workers are trained, and if they follow safety protocol by wearing goggles, or using other protective clothing or practices while operating printing presses and other machinery.

In meeting with a seasoned independent business insurance agent, commercial printing company owners will find that he will likely discuss errors and omissions coverage. In cases such as where a commercial printer misplaces or damages a client’s property while using it to create prints, or other products, or  has to reprint a customer’s order because of a mistake, owners of commercial printing companies will want to make sure that they have professional E&O insurance coverage to protect their business, its employees, and themselves. For owners who are not familiar with E&O coverage, or may want to purchase a new policy, an independent insurance agent can explain how this kind of insurance can protect a company from having to pay out on a damages award if they make a mistake, or in the event an accident is attributed to their professional negligence. In case a customer sues, commercial printing businesses can look to their E&O insurance to cover the costs.

Besides insurance for errors and omissions, an independent insurance agent might also discuss other kinds of commercial coverage that a printing company should have in their policy, including building insurance for their real property, commercial general liability insurance, business property and business personal property insurance, and, if employees operate company vans or trucks, commercial auto insurance. Additionally, depending on a particular organization’s needs, an independent insurance agent might recommend that an owner buy commercial umbrella coverage, which can keep them protected above and beyond their basic policy, along with insurance for a breach of privacy or loss of a client’s personal information, and workers’ compensation insurance, which, in most states, is required by law.

For businesses that specialize in bookbinding, typesetting, or general printing, an independent insurance agent can talk about the value of having certain kinds of commercial insurance that owners might not even know they need if they purchase a policy through an online retailer, or without going over a policy’s specific terms. He can discuss business income insurance, insurance for media and processing equipment and equipment breakdown, inland marine insurance coverage, and insurance to keep their company covered in case of an employment practices liability claim. For businesses from large book printers to small, family owned retail print shops, working with an independent insurance agent means that they can secure commercial printing insurance, and establish a relationship with an professional who keeps up to date on changes in the industry, and will help them maintain their coverage, or make necessary adjustments as their needs change over time.

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