Commercial Auto and Motor Vehicle Insurance

From grocery stores, to limousine and town car operations, to courier businesses, few companies can flourish without relying on cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles. In fact, most count on vans, or other autos on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Because of the risks that come along with driving in general, and specifically, while driving for a business, it is important for owners of shops, wholesalers, and service providers to make sure that their organization has a business insurance policy with commercial auto and motor vehicle insurance coverage for their automobiles and other vehicles. Then, in the event a truck slides off the road during a rain or snowstorm, hits a pothole and damages its axle, or is involved in a collision with a car, business owners will know that they can look to their commercial auto insurance policy for coverage.

Delivery Vehicle InsuranceWhether their business uses a hybrid car, small van, or truck, an experienced independent insurance agent will work with owners to find the appropriate commercial auto insurance policy. If they already have coverage, but would like to have it reviewed for gaps or exclusions that they might have missed, an independent insurance agent will help them. Or, if business owners are interested in buying a new commercial auto insurance policy, or adding on more coverage to their current insurance, an independent insurance agent will guide them along.

A seasoned independent insurance agent has worked with numerous business owners looking for coverage for everything from their company’s building, to its outdoor fixtures and landscaping, to insurance for professional errors and omissions. Having assisted quite a few small business owners with varying insurance needs, he can readily recommend options for commercial auto insurance that work for a particular proprietor. Also, since he contracts with a number of different insurers, an independent insurance agent has access to business auto insurance policies offered by each of these providers. He can describe the nuances of the available policies, and make suggestions about what certain owners may want to look for when selecting coverage.

To guide small business owners in finding commercial auto insurance, an independent insurance agent will need to know about their organization. He will ask about the kinds of vehicles used, and the number of employees operating them. He will want to know whether employee-drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license to use their business’s vehicles, and, either way, will want to make sure that their employer keeps up to date on workers’ licensures. An independent insurance agent will likely ask about the typical distances traveled by a business’s commercial vehicles, and the kinds of products transported, or services provided using company-owned vans, trucks, or cars. More specifically, an independent insurance agent will need to know about each of the motor vehicles requiring commercial auto insurance coverage. Besides their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model, and year, he will probably ask if the trucks, vans, or other vehicles have certain safety features like alarms, and might also inquire about whether a business owner plans to purchase any additional vehicles, or trade in or sell any within the next year. An independent insurance agent can use these and other factors to get quotes for coverage at a reasonable price.

Different businesses have different commercial auto insurance needs. While some companies may only require coverage on a seasonal basis, or for one or two vehicles, others will need the broadest insurance for a large fleet of trucks. An independent insurance agent is used to figuring out how to cover companies with diverse coverage requirements. Similarly, for independent contractors, or even full-time traveling employees who use their own vehicles for business purposes, an independent insurance agent can advise their employers about whether they will need to be covered under their organization’s commercial auto insurance policy.

An independent insurance agent can discuss the kinds of coverage that business owners need for their company’s trucks, vans, and cars, like collision and comprehensive insurance, coverage for medical payments and uninsured and underinsured motorists, and auto liability insurance. If a business owner is interested, he can also describe how the claims process works, from determining whether repairs should be made to a commercial vehicle, to settling a claim  on a timely basis. By working with an independent business insurance agent, company owners enjoy the advantage of having a trained professional on hand who will advise them about the options for commercial auto insurance.

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