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Carpenter InsuranceWhile most people may not know much about carpenters besides that they build things, carpenters themselves know that they do much more. Carpenters can work in the construction industry, but they are also employed in building stage sets for theatrical productions, designing and assembling furniture for small businesses and corporate retailers, and concrete pouring and other parts of highway construction. Carpenters are skilled workers, and many have years of training and experience in this specialized field. Since their trade subjects carpenters to risks like an apprentice getting injured at a job site, or a product being found to be defective, they need carpenter insurance. An independent commercial insurance agent can help carpenters interested in buying a new policy, or evaluating their current one, choose coverage.

Whether they learned their skills through years of formal training, on the job while working as a laborer, or in high school or vocational shop classes, carpenters perform work that is essential for things like home and office construction, finishing and ornamental work, furniture making, and building restoration. Because their work involves a variety of tools and materials, and frequently requires lifting, transporting, and operating certain equipment, and other potentially dangerous tasks, it is important that carpenters and contractors in the business have carpentry work insurance coverage.

By contacting an independent insurance agent, experienced in working with carpenters, construction workers, and others in the similar fields, carpenters can learn about purchasing a carpentry work insurance policy, or get help in assessing their current coverage to find out if other options might be worth buying in the future.  An independent insurance agent works with a number of insurance companies, so she can discuss policies available through different providers, and guide carpenters in selecting one that is right for their business.

Carpentry InsuranceFor carpenters who do not know about the terms of a typical business insurance policy, an independent agent can explain the basics. She will probably discuss how carpenters should make sure to have commercial general liability (CGL) insurance, along with commercial auto insurance for business owned vehicles used by a carpenters or any employees in the course of work. Then, if another person or business claims to have been physically or economically injured as a result of a carpenter’s services, he can have CGL coverage in case of a lawsuit or financial ramifications. Likewise, business auto insurance can keep a contractor covered in case of a collision or property involving a company van.

Besides a CGL policy and commercial auto insurance, a seasoned independent insurance agent will likely discuss workers’ compensation insurance, in case a carpenter or an employee is injured or becomes ill while working. She may also talk about other options for coverage, depending on the needs of a particular carpentry operation. Additionally, she can discuss techniques to mitigate risk, and otherwise to decrease the chances of an injury or accident during carpentry projects, along with the importance of taking safety precautions, like wearing goggles while sawing, and locking or turning off equipment when it is not in use.

In working with an independent insurance agent who understands the concerns of carpenters and contractors when it comes to buying insurance, these business owners can make sure that they know the terms of their commercial insurance policy, and what is excluded from coverage. She will help carpenters select the appropriate carpentry work insurance policy so that they can renovate, remodel, or build without worrying about the legal and financial consequences to their business in the event of a claim.

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