Commercial Insurance for Beer and Wine Bottling Companies

Commercial Insurance for Wine Bottling

The beverage distribution industry has boomed for breweries, wineries, and distilleries, along with beer and wine bottlers themselves. Companies that provide bottling services for nationally-known ales, microbrews, and special wine vintages all know that in the course of transporting alcohol, manufacturing or purchasing bottles, labeling, and preparing bottles for sale, their business and its employees face a variety of risks. From bacteria that infiltrates through corks used on a crate of expensive cabernet, to a worker getting injured while using a label printing machine, to a truck full of inventory crashing on an interstate during a storm, beer and wine bottling companies need to make sure that their business is properly prepared for a variety of potential accidents, losses, or other instances of property damage. They can do this with commercial insurance for beer and wine bottling companies coverage through a local independent insurance agent.

As an independent business insurance agent can attest, the process of choosing commercial insurance coverage can be difficult. There are a number of kinds of coverage available in a commercial general liability insurance policy, along with a building insurance policy, and some insurance companies offer both policies in one. An independent insurance agent can describe the options for coverage afforded in policies from a number of different insurers, and assist beer and wine bottling business owners in selecting the commercial insurance that meets their organization’s needs when it comes to cost and coverage.

In working with a local independent insurance agent to secure business insurance, wine and beer bottles should anticipate that the agent will probably request to visit their company’s facilities. She will want to know whether bottling operations take place at one site, or whether an organization has multiple plants. She may also ask about the crime score of the surrounding neighborhood, whether a business’s building is listed on a local or national historic register, and if systems in the building like plumbing, heating, and cooling are frequently serviced and maintained, or have been recently updated.

A seasoned independent insurance agent will want to know whether a bottling business has had any losses or claims in the past few years, or if the company has ever been cancelled by a prior commercial insurance carrier for any reason other than that the carrier stopped writing that class of insurance. She may inquire about whether a business will require additional insureds to be named in a policy, like concessionaires trading under a bottlers name, a business or individual with a controlling interest in the company, a contractor or lessor of a premises, or possibly a vendor, lessor of leased equipment, or grantor of franchise related to a bottling company.

For beer bottling companies, an independent commercial insurance agent will want to know whether they work with alcoholic or nonalcoholic beer, or both, and she may ask about whether the bottling process used by a wine or beer bottling business creates any dangerous fumes or vapors, which might require an endorsement to a policy. She will also want to know whether any wine or beer manufacturing takes place on site, or in an adjacent complex, and an independent insurance agent will also likely about a business’s annual revenue, including business income and receipts. She will probably ask about liquor retail sales.

Of course all the normal questions surrounding the fleet will be asked. Vehicle models, radius of operation, driver’s information, safety and maintenance records, and loss history.

In working with a local independent insurance agent, wine and beer bottling business owners can learn about kinds of commercial insurance coverage that are appropriate for their operation, including CGL coverage, building coverage, auto insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. A licensed independent insurance agent will help owners select a commercial insurance policy that will provide adequate coverage so that their company can continue to bottle, and its assets will remain secure, in the event of a claim. With commercial insurance coverage through a local independent insurance agent, wine and beer bottlers know that if their company experiences an accident, or loss, its property and operations are protected.

If you are looking for additional information specifically on distillery liability, they have their own set of unique risks:

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