Commercial Insurance for Wineries, Breweries and Beverage Distilleries

Commercial Insurance for Wineries, Breweries and Beverage DistilleriesWhether they brew seasonal ales, porters, and stouts, fill casks with cabernet or riesling, or produce cider, whiskey, or brandy, owners of brewing companies, wineries, and beverage distilleries should make sure that their business is adequately insured.  If a certain wine vintage is tainted by sour grapes, an unexpected storm causes damage to their continuous still equipment, or a worker is injured while hauling boxes of bottles through a warehouse, owners of these businesses need to have dependable commercial insurance coverage.  An experienced independent insurance agent, familiar with the concerns of beverage makers when it comes to choosing insurance for their business, will guide them in finding the right commercial insurance for wineries, breweries and beverage distilleries policy.

A seasoned independent insurance agent with knowledge of the risks related to producing wine, beer, and spirits, can simplify the process of selecting a business insurance policy for company owners.  An independent agent can explain things like the difference between business building coverage and commercial general liability insurance, and discuss how many insurers allow companies to carry their commercial insurance in one policy.  Brewery, vineyard, and distillery owners can expect that a licensed independent agent may request to meet with them at their place of business, and might ask to tour the premises.  She will want to know about equipment use on site, and will assess whether machinery and other items in the building should be considered fixtures, or improvements to the property.  She may want to find out if a distillery’s property has ever been foreclosed, and whether a brewing building, or winery is located adjacent to a high risk exposure, like an abandoned warehouse.  She may also want to inspect security systems and fire alarms in place, and will ask about how recently they have been serviced, and she will want to know about worker safety training practices employed by a business.

In the course of meeting with business owners, an independent insurance agent may inquire about an owner’s prior distillation, brewing, or wine-making experience, and ask how long he or she has owned the company to determine if it is newly in business.  She will also want to know whether the property is located in a high crime area, and about the prior work history of employees.  A licensed independent commercial insurance agent may want to see any vehicles used to transport materials or beverages to and from a winery or brewery, and she will want to know whether employees serve as drivers, or if a business owner hires truck operators on a contractual basis.  She will likely ask about annual business income and receipts, and she may also want to know whether a company has had a loss or claim in the past few years, and if so, the amount of either.

She might ask about retail sales to determine liquor legal liability exposures.

In the course of evaluating a particular brewery or distillery’s commercial insurance needs, an independent insurance agent will likely want to know each of the liquor, beer, or wine products produced at their facilities, and will ask about the states or countries in which they are sold.  She will also want to know the volume of beverages produced each year, and whether the organization plans to expand into producing other kinds of wine, beer, or spirits.  She will inquire about whether a business uses bottles or cans for its beverages, and she might want to learn more about whether workers use any flammable materials in the course of manufacturing, if the business has any recycling procedures in place, and if systems like plumbing, heating, and ventilation are frequently serviced and maintained.

By working with a local independent insurance agent, beer brewers, vineyard owners, and spirit producers can get answers to their questions about buying commercial insurance and learn about available options for coverage provided by different insurance companies.  A local independent insurance agent will discuss the benefits of carrying comprehensive coverage to beverage production company owners, and help them find a policy that fits their business’s unique needs.  With commercial insurance through a trusted independent insurance agent, beer and ale, wine, and distilled beverage producers know that in case of a covered loss, liability, or claim, their business, and its assets, are protected.

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