Business Accident and Health Insurance

Business Accident and Health InsuranceMost businesses have at least a few employees, and employers know that these workers can unexpectedly get sick, or injured, or even pass away. This is why they should purchase business accident and health insurance (A&H) coverage, so that their employees’ care and treatment expenses can be covered, while their companies’ own costs to temporarily or permanently replace a worker, and continue business as usual, can be mitigated. An independent business insurance agent will work with employers to determine the kinds of A&H insurance best suited to their company.

An independent insurance agent will explain how most insurance companies offer accident and health insurance with accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Most A&H policies also have coverage for employees traveling for work purposes, and insurance for workers’ compensation claims. An independent insurance agent, familiar with business owners’ concerns about securing the right A&H insurance coverage, may mention how the majority of policies include medical stop loss coverage for employers, which can help them avoid the costs that often follow an employee’s absence.

An independent insurance agent will probably tell business owners that most A&H policies cover accidental death, or accidental loss of sight, speech, hearing, limbs, or certain fingers – typically, the thumb and index, and that employers may also choose to add on coverage to their policy. Business owners may want to purchase insurance to guard their employees in case of things like burns, parent care, or occupational diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis. Also, some business owners may wish to buy permanent total disability, or temporary total disability insurance for workers, and an independent commercial insurance agent can explain when and how each of these kinds of coverage might apply.

An independent insurance agent may discuss how some insurance providers offer multinational A&H insurance for employees traveling abroad, or contractors doing business on behalf of an insured company. Also, he will probably discuss how most accident and health insurance policies contain voluntary accident insurance, and how some policies even have 24-hour coverage, which can keep employees insured at all hours of the day, while they are engaged in both pleasure and business activities. As an independent insurance agent can attest, by purchasing A&H coverage for their employees, business owners can help workers and their loved ones avoid financial difficulties if they are injured, or become ill, and must take some time off from work to recover.

By working with an independent insurance agent, owners of large and small businesses can learn about adding on to their existing A&H insurance coverage, or buying a new policy. An independent agent will ask them about the size of the group to be insured, since some states have guidelines as to minimum group size, and he may also mention how certain policies offer coverage for employees’ family members. An independent insurance agent can discuss specifics about accidental death benefits, and describe how certain policies have supplemental disability and health insurance, which can provide coverage for critical illnesses, cancer, and other disabilities.

An independent insurance agent will guide business owners in selecting personal accident coverage, AD&D insurance, and other kinds of coverage for their employees. He can discuss options for A&H policies available from a number of different insurance providers, and give an overview of the coverage provided through each policy, along with exclusions and limitations that impact employee coverage in each instance. With accident and health insurance purchased through an independent commercial insurance agent, business owners know that their employees can avoid serious financial issues, and their business can work through the temporary or permanent loss of an employee, in the unfortunate event of a worker accident, illness, or death.

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