What is electronic signature validity? In the past fifteen years, the authenticity of promissory notes, checks, credit cards and online payment signatures have dwindled down to an electronic configuration of symbols. Over time, the financial and personal information once submitted on paper, transferred to digital files. The storage of personal information on servers accessible via... Read More >
What a wonderfully descriptive word … green. To be “green with envy”, to smell green grass, to hold green money and eat green eggs and ham are all wonderful. Reduce, reuse, recycle are all based on being green. The challenge to keep the Earth green translates to reclaiming and reinventing the unwanted disposables of the... Read More >
What is telemedicine’s value? Resolutions, they peak on December 31 slowly descending into oblivion. In my experience, the minute I share a resolution I feel every move I make is under a magnifying glass. This year I decided to change things up a bit. I questioned if my self-discipline to positive change would be easier... Read More >