You might be surprised at the quality of cars that are available for around $3,000.   In doing our research for this article, we reviewed the reliability and overall used car ratings from multiple sources.  We were in search of cars with excellent reliability ratings and a good reputation for lasting well beyond 100,000 miles (durability).... Read More >
Gender Based Insurance Premiums – Can An Insurance Company Charge Me More Or Less Premium Based Upon My Gender? The short answer is, it depends.   It depends on the type of insurance you are purchasing and the state in which you are purchasing it. Insurers generally have to prove that their rating plans are non-discriminatory... Read More >
Credit Score Drives Your Auto Insurance Premium There has been much debate about the fairness of using credit history as a factor in automobile insurance pricing. While many people feel that the use of credit information for this purpose is not fair, insurance actuaries have shown that credit is indeed generally highly predictive of loss... Read More >