Did you know tiny houses can be insured? My wife and I live in a 4,065 square foot home with attached three-car garage. When our five children were young, having a large home made sense. Like others of our generation, we saw consumer-wants change. In 1970, according to HUD data, the average family had 3.1... Read More >
More parents are looking toward “stay at home” jobs. The economic calculation should include a consideration of the possible savings on your auto insurance if you have a stay at home job. In August of 2013 WorkingMom.com published a list of fifteen surprising “work from home” jobs. They included:      Bilingual Senior Technical Advisor (Customer Service)      CEO... Read More >
For many Americans some form of automobile is more than just a luxury: it is a necessary part of their daily arsenal of accessories. According to the US Census Bureau, the average American has to face an almost half-hour commute one way to get to their place of work or back home every day, and will... Read More >
Usage-based insurance will be part of the private passenger auto market for years to come. Progressive Insurance thinks usage based insurance is a pretty good idea. When Progressive Insurance backs an idea it normally becomes part of the permanent insurance landscape. Usage based insurance is a kind of automobile insurance where the premiums are dependent... Read More >
Driverless cars are already on the road being tested, starting in January 2015. Google’s driverless car is already getting a lot of press. Other auto and truck manufacturers are less vocal about their advancements, but they’re happening quickly. United States manufacturer, Peterbilt, demonstrated its autonomous tractor a few days ago while German truck maker, Daimler,... Read More >
Over the past few months I’ve followed the rise of Uber, Lyft, and other new “sharing economies” with interest. I’ve written several blogs on the topic and helped my home city of Minneapolis create a city regulation to regulate the TNCs (transportation network companies). I’ve watched with amazement the incredible manipulation of words, orchestrated by the... Read More >
In addressing this common question, it is prudent to begin with what the role of a realtor is. What Services Will A Good Realtor Provide? A good realtor will:         Help you find neighborhoods that meet the desired characteristics you outline;         Answer questions you may have about communities and neighborhoods;         Help you find homes that meet... Read More >