What Is Enhanced Insurance?

Do you sometimes find insurance to be confusing? I’ve been in the business for forty-five years and have done everything from a trainee position to CEO, and I still get confused. Not only does our industry have its own unique vocabulary, but insurance is a very competitive industry and everyone is looking for an edge through change. Just when you think you know something “for sure” you find out it just isn’t so, anymore.

Enhanced Insurance is for consumers seeking reliable insurance or financial security information — or a local insurance agent to help them. The insurance business has changed in recent years with cost portrayed in advertising as the main factor in the decision-making process for many consumers. While the price is important, most insurance buyers desire a trusted relationship. The two goals are not mutually exclusive.

What Is Enhanced Insurance?

It often takes an insurance agent to provide information to help consumers make the right decisions for their insurance needs. Enhanced Insurance provides a way to find a local agent, along with some of the information to make the right decisions for your insurance needs. Our goal is to help prepare you for a meaningful discussion with an insurance professional.

In some instance, when the product is right for an online sale we offer that alternative.

What Enhanced Insurance Does

Enhanced Insurance provides articles, blogs, and links that help you understand your insurance and financial product needs – so you can make an informed decision. Our information comes to you without the bias of an insurance company website. We offer you the opportunity for a connection with a geographically selected agency who has indicated to us they have an interest in placing the kind of insurance your search words have told us you want.

Is Enhanced Insurance offering legal advice?

Enhancedinsurance.com is not equipped to handle legal advice. We cannot offer the kind of in-depth advice you’d get in a one-on-one consultation with a licensed agent, or attorney. Because laws vary so much from state to state, and because policy language and intent varies so much from company to company, we can only offer general advice based on our personal experience.

Are You An Independent Agent?

If you are an insurance agent and would like to gain more exposure online, you have come to the right place. Enhanced Insurance connects online insurance buyers with real agents in their area. Agents like you.

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